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Argonnex Properties, LLC is a professional property management company that specializes in commercial and residential properties including multi-family buildings, single family homes, townhouses, condominiums and industrial complexes.  

Argonnex Properties, LLC is a premier property management company that is very selective in choosing not just the best tenants, but also on the best owners.  We connect high-quality owners with high-quality tenants providing an exclusive service that maintains and most often increases the value of the properties, keeping tenants that are happy and proud to live in the property.  Happy tenants stay longer and recognize the value in living in a well ran property.  We encourage our owners to make repairs as necessary to preserve property values and to make improvements when possible that will facilitate increased rental income, tenant satisfaction and resale value. 

We offer a personal approach that allows us to provide the best service in Northern Virginia. Our goal is to make the management of your rental property simple and worry-free using the latest technologies at competitive prices.  We provide tenants services that include leasing, relocation, service response, and professional connection to the property owners.

Whether you are considering a change in management companies or simply wish to stop managing your own properties, Argonnex Properties will make it easy to get our services.  Please contact us today for further details.

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